Lebensohl over Weak Twos

In the auction:
RHO Partner LHO You
2 Double Pass ? ? ?
You might wish to bid 3 with either:
a)J43 KQ3 KJT95 J2
or b)J43 42 JT9876 43

     There are a great many other situations, but basically intermediate hands may be bid directly, while weak hands must first respond to the Double with 2NT.

You might decide that about 8 points in support of a regular takeout Double is adequate to forego the Lebensohl 2NT prelude.

    Thus, after a weak 2 opening and partner's Double, with:
  1. T93 74 A9643 K53 respond 2NT, intending to bid 3 after partner's 3 relay.
  2. QT3 74 A9643 K53 respond 3 to show a good hand.